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There have been times.

That I haven’t trusted people I work with.

Even people that I interviewed.

And employed.

And that I actually got to know quite well.


Yet just this morning.

I trusted a complete stranger to drive his car.

At 30 miles per hour.

Towards the most precious thing I have.

My 3 year old daughter.


I’ve done this a lot, I think.

Not trusting people.

And I know that it doesn’t make sense.

Because when I and somebody else agree to something.

For me to then not trust them to deliver.

Is bad for me.

And bad for them, too.


I will trust another stranger again.


To stay on their side of the road.

Whilst I stay on my side.

As they drive towards me in their car.

And Izobel and I tootle along at 30 miles an hour towards theirs.



Not much works properly without it.

Roads don’t work.

Relationships don’t work.

I’ll try harder to remember that.

And I’ll trust that you will too.


About the Author:

Michael Owen
“Somewhere inside. There is a story only you can tell. Find it. Tell it meaningfully. Build trust and connection. Because when they understand how you can change their world. Your world changes, too.” Michael Owen. Founder. ANGELFYSH.

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