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Don’t wait to take time off.

Don’t wait for the right time.

Don’t wait for the best time.

Because it won’t come.

Take It.

If you want time off.

Just take it.



You can talk shite to yourself.

And not take time off.


If you are not sure what talking shite to yourself actually sounds like.

Here is a little guide.

It’s called ‘The Shite List’.

It is a list of some really great examples of shite that you can tell yourself.

To avoiding taking time off.

No one can do what needs to be done but me.

The place won’t run without me.

Once I get this week out of the way things will be different and easier.

Thingy in the office isn’t experienced enough to cope.

This is going to be our busiest month.

We’ll break if (enter something trivial here) happens.

The Shite List.


This is the important bit.

This is why I call these excuses ‘The Shite List’.

Because there are just two possible explanations why everything on the list above is shite.

  1. They are all lies. (Believe me. They’re probably lies. This means they’re shite).
  2. They are all true. (And if they do happen to be true. This means it’s most probably you that’s shite).

Either way.

It’s a shite list.

And something in your life needs sorting.

So sort your life out.

And take time off.


About the Author:

Michael Owen
“Somewhere inside. There is a story only you can tell. Find it. Tell it meaningfully. Build trust and connection. Because when they understand how you can change their world. Your world changes, too.” Michael Owen. Founder. ANGELFYSH.

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