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Last week.

I sat alongside the superb team behind one of the most significant historical destinations in England.

I watched their faces.

As we thought together.

Planned together.

And laughter together.

Determined to redouble visitor numbers.

On the back of their beautiful offer.

And a better-told story.

Two days after that.

Miles from home.

I sat alongside the founder of a 25 year old software business.

I watched his face, too.

I watched his eyes flicker.


Then left.

Then right again.

As we excavated.


Unearthing answers that would lead us toward category leadership.

And a more valuable brand.


Two days after that.

On Saturday.

It was Izobel’s face I watched.

I watched Izobel’s face as she concentrated on two brown paper tubes of sugar.

Sat tight in her fist.

I watched her face as she fought to tear the top from both of them.

And I watched as more sugar than I really wanted.

Tumbled into my flat white.

Two Sugars.

That Saturday.

As I sat with Izobel.

My work life paused.

I was reminded that the extraordinary journeys I go on each week.

All lead back to the ordinary moments I spend with my 3 year old Izobel.

And I was also reminded that.

Whilst I love these extraordinary businesses.

I love my ordinary days with Izobel even more.

I even loved the two sugars.

The two sugars that my 3 year old daughter worked so hard to dispense for me.

When in actual fact.

I only take one.



The right ordinary, mind.

It’s why we do it.


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Michael Owen
“Somewhere inside. There is a story only you can tell. Find it. Tell it meaningfully. Build trust and connection. Because when they understand how you can change their world. Your world changes, too.” Michael Owen. Founder. ANGELFYSH.

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