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What you most want to find.

Will be found where you least want to look.


You may not know exactly what it is.

Or exactly where it is.

But you know that it exists.

You can feel it.

The Forest.

Imagine a forest.

Imagine that the thing you most want to find is within that forest.

And then imagine you must enter that forest to find it.

Here’s what to do.

Make sure that you enter the part of the forest that looks most dark to you.

Make sure that you enter the part of the forest that looks most frightening to you.

Most unfamiliar.

And most challenging.

This is because the paths that you know.

The paths with which you are most familiar.

Well; you’ve trodden them before.

You have mastered them.

And you still don’t have the thing you most want to find.

New Paths.

If what you are doing is not working for you.

In your pursuit of what you most what to find.

Then it is where you have not gone.

That you need to go.

Because at the end of the darkest paths in the forest.

Lie the greatest treasures.


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