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Always Wear Red is a brand with a purpose.

Every brand I have ever built or helped to build has a purpose.

Brands with a purpose matter more and last longer.

Always Wear Red.

It is a brand born to create confidence.

When you wear our Collection you look amazing.

When you look amazing you feel amazing.

And when you feel amazing you do amazing.

You might even feel so amazingly confident that you do that thing you were born to do.

This is what we are for.

Just as, I assume, you know what your brand is for.

After all – if you don’t know – you are not a brand at all.

Your just a business.


The problem I have sometimes though in the AWR business, is that there are too many ideas.

I have lots of ideas about how I want to create product, grow ranges, tell stories.

I want to change people.

And I believe I can.

I know that the relationship between what we wear and how we feel is real.

It is an existing conversation. People are feeling this right now.

People ‘get’ it.


I want to build a brand that is famous worldwide for its customer experience, quality British craftsmanship, edgy yet classic design approaches, a bonded community that exists around it and its dedication to causes that encourage individuals to be more confident and address their potential as human beings.

I’m driven by this.

I am bursting with ideas and vision, but – I am finding – with the lack of support to see some of the ideas take shape.

I think I am a leader who can see the end game and gets excited by the creative ways to get there.


I need more people around me.

Lisa, my Co-founder of Always Wear Red and ANGELFYSH is amazing at getting things done.

For Always Wear Red, ANGELFYSH and ANGELFYSH clients too.

But I need an additional sounding board.

Someone to fire ideas at and brainstorm with.

Someone to capture my ideas and put them into a plan, sometimes parking ideas that sound exciting but aren’t commercially ready yet. Someone to hold me accountable and put a strategy in place for the brand.

And I need that person to also be ‘hands’ for the business, though.

A do-er.

Someone to get things done for me and with me.

This can’t be someone to just talk with.

I also need additional creative minds to help me shape what the brand looks like, to add value at each stage of the customer journey and create content – graphics, video, photography –  that wow and inspire our customers to want to join us on our journey.

To be a part of our story and to allow us to become a part of their story, too.

I need a team that can be flexible and react to new ideas quickly, to come up with coherent and relevant ideas I never even imagined and guide me to think differently based on their own extensive branding and marketing knowledge.

This is what ANGELFYSH does for its clients actually.

But for some reason its bloody hard doing it for one’s self.


But what about you? In your business, brand or venture.

Who do you need?

No great brand was ever built by one person.

Not one.

Have a think.

I intend to accelerate in 2019.

And I know I can’t do it alone.


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