ANGELFYSH work with category leaders and aspiring category leaders.

We know how to turn a business into a category leading brand.

We helped BALTIC take on TATE.

We helped Sage Software focus down on a single, compelling core proposition as new entrants into their market eroded the category leader’s market share.

We helped Sage Gateshead increase online sales by almost £900,000 in 11 months.

We helped Virgin Money explore and maximise the Internet as a recruitment tool as they approached the launch of their current account.

We helped Gateshead College understand how a number two brand should behave in order to catch the market leader.

We helped Edinburgh College consolidate the merger of three different colleges under one, over-arching brand.

We helped STORM Fitness to further reenforce category leadership with content creation, curation and management.

We helped Tyne Tees Models further secure their number one position in the North East, and become increasingly powerful in new territories.

We helped Calvert Trust enter new markets and succeed without jeopardising their existing dominance in current markets.

We helped The Customs House increase online sales conversion.

We helped Newcastle University Business School differentiate in a global market.

We helped Always Wear Red launch a globally significant premium clothing brand.

We helped Saddle Skedaddle become increasingly dominant on Google.

We helped Age UK engage with emotion across social media.

We helped Activities Abroad create brand hierarchies and consolidate their category dominance globally.

We helped SAFESOL to reposition.

We helped UltraMAP and their group of brands to define and build a compelling reputation through strategic social media marketing.

We launched and now support the expanding 50odd community.