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When I was a ‘boss’ of more people than I lead now.

Leading businesses bigger than the ones I lead now.

I think that.


I was a monster.


I wasn’t being a monster on purpose.

I just forgot that the founder of a business might be quite a scary thing to a young intern.

I forgot that actually speaking to team members in a connected and interested way was important.

(One time.

To my shame. 

I overheard one young designer that I employed.

Say to a friend of mine. 

That I had not actually spoken to him for over a year).

I forgot that people deserve to feel important.

Because they are important.

I forgot that deep down we are all the same.

And that we all need to be reminded of that sometimes.

I forgot that everything on this subject.

Was my responsibility to address.

Because as I was the founder of the business.

So I was potentially the biggest monster of all.

Cats and Canaries.

To a canary.

A cat is a monster.

This is an important subject.

And deserves consideration.

So today.

That’s what I am going to do.


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