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Understanding who buys from you and why is crucial.

But real buyer behaviours, their actual habits are so often ignored.

I’ve cocked this up before with my Always Wear Red brand.

Brand owners (including me) sometimes see markets and consumers as they’d like them to be as opposed to how they are.

It makes you feel better actually.

Then loses you a shitload of money as you spend time starting conversations that no one is interested in, or try to joining conversations that don’t actually exist.


Here’s something weird that’s happing on the edges of the Always Wear Red world.

9% of UK shoppers admit to buying clothing so they can be photographed wearing it on social media.

No other reason.

Here’s a quote:

For some, the constant compulsion to record their lives on social media means they’re unwilling to be snapped in the same outfit twice.

This fuels fast fashion – cheap garments bought only ‘for the gram’ and then returned or not worn again, as observed in a recent Barclaycard study.

According to the bank, which surveyed 2,002 adults, 9% of UK shoppers admit to buying clothing just so they can be photographed wearing it on social media.

OK, two points.

This is me talking to the consumer by the way, not brand owners. It reveals a little about how I feel about my clothing brand and other clothing brands that think similarly to me (Patagonia, Hiut Denim, Redwing):

  1. Buying stuff to wear and take back really hurts brands. I understand someone doing it as a fun thing, I really do. But if someone does this after they’ve had their eyes opened to the fact that it can put little brands out of business – it says a lot about that person. (It doesn’t happen to Always Wear Red by the way. So this is not coming from a personal experience. We have had one thing returned in almost 3 years.) But it is a bit selfish. So don’t do it to any brand, please.
  2. Wear clothing for you. To tell the story of who you are or who you want to be. Look in the mirror, not down the lens of your camera phone. What you think is enough. In fact, what you think is all that matters.

A Message for Brands.

The actual behaviours of your segmented marketplace are more complex than you think.

More nuanced.

Don’t ignore what they’re doing. We at ANGELFYSH will help you to explore more then use the data to help you and them.

Here’s the full report about crazy instagrammers:

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