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I get asked a lot about brand.

What is brand?

Why is it important?

How does it work?


I read something this week.

That Seth Godin wrote.

And I thought it was neat.

So I stole a bit of it.


Seth’s writing was not actually about brand.

It was about flowers.

He wrote:

Flowers don’t love us.

And he is right of course.

What flowers do do though.

Is remind us that the person who bought them for us loves us.

And from there (excuse the pun) blooms the bigger story.

Because just from looking at the flowers we are given.

We storytell.


The story we tell ourself is about him or her standing in the florist.

Or at the supermarket.

Or at the petrol station.

Taking the time out.

For you.

Staring at the display.




Then coolly.

Or sheepishly.

Or awkwardly.

Or lovingly.

Or enthusiastically.

Presenting the flowers to you.

And that lovely little story you tell yourself as you look at the flowers.

It plays over and over.

As you pause your life to tell it to yourself.

And to listen to yourself.

And to smile.


Well; that’s how brand works.

Because just like the story is built into flowers.

Stories are built into brands.

And the more personal and vivid the story.

The better the brand.


And so it is that I get asked a lot about brand.

What is brand?

Why is it important?

How does it work?

And now I have the answer.


They’re like flowers.


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Michael Owen
“Somewhere inside. There is a story only you can tell. Find it. Tell it meaningfully. Build trust and connection. Because when they understand how you can change their world. Your world changes, too.” Michael Owen. Founder. ANGELFYSH.

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