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This will stop you getting carried away with crap creative ideas.

Ideas that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside but – commercially – do sod all. They eat your marketing budget and contribute bugger all to your brand strength.

This applies to all business communications including adverts, blogs, presentations, creative copy, social posts, brochures and more.

5 things to ask yourself BEFORE you invest in developing creative notions into creative content.

1. What’s the one message I want people to remember?
2. Is the message about our brand, or the category as a whole?
3. Is the work coherent? Does it ‘fit’ with our wider business communications, both tactically and strategically? (Both where it is now and where it’s going).
4. Could the message, and/or the method by which we are communicating it, be simpler?
5. If this media was seen without our logo, would people still know it was us?

I like the cheese advert below. 

1. They have strong cheese. That’s what they want me to remember…
2. …So they tell an emotional and memorable story about strength. Not about how great all cheeses are.

3. I don’t know if it fits with the wider marketing. But I’d hope so.
4. It’s simple. Mouse. Cheese. Trap. Soundtrack.
5. If they stuck at this simple message consistently, and became famous for making the strongest cheese, then yes.


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Michael Owen
“Somewhere inside. There is a story only you can tell. Find it. Tell it meaningfully. Build trust and connection. Because when they understand how you can change their world. Your world changes, too.” Michael Owen. Founder. ANGELFYSH.

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