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When I was younger (easy to imagine) and dafter (hard to imagine) than I am now – I used to teach people about marketing.

People wanting to start their own business mostly.

Or people wanting to grown their own business.

It was my job to help them.


One of the things I used to say about marketing, way back in the middle of the 90’s was this:

If you get good at marketing, you are what you say you are.

Unless you’re not.

I knew what I meant.

It’s my definition of marketing.

It’s not the whole of marketing…

But it is a big part of it.

I was in my late 20s at the time, and probably a bit bored with the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s definition:

The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements – profitably.

Their quote is probably more useful and holistic than mine.

But I still like my quote because it is a good reminder not to bullshit.


Don’t exaggerate.

Or mask.

Or trick people.

Or lie.

Think long term

Be authentic.

Be you.

Do something you genuinely love and that you are good at (or that you can get good at) or you’ll get fed up

Be consistent.

If you bullshit or you are a construct – you’ll get found out.

The dots won’t join up.

There will be gaps in your story and gaps in your offer and you’ll come across as a bullshitter.

Be a storyteller yes.

You have to be great at telling stories in business.

But the story has to be real.


Coming across bullshit in a field is just as bad as coming across bullshit in business.


Because both occasions – it stinks.


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