“When a business takes brand advice from someone that really knows brand – and that same someone has actually founded or led brands of their own – magic happens. This rare, best-of-both insight changes everything.”
Michael Owen, Co-founder.

Welcome to ANGELFYSH. We’re a Brand Communication Collective.

We’re seasoned business and brand leaders that work alongside Directors and business owners. We coach and advise the person, and develop strategies and frameworks for the business.  Together, we steer the business onto bigger and better things.

Here are the headlines:

1. We’re CONSULTANTS THAT DO™. This means our talent, technical knowledge and consultancy experience is further strengthened because we’ve all founded or led successful brands of our own. And we have no juniors. Seniors only.

2. We’re BRAND FIRST. This means we won’t invest in marketing and design until we’ve worked out how you’re different and better.

3. We’re on your side and at your side. We coach and consult. And we stick around. We help business leaders to INTEGRATE the brand. To bring it to life.

All this means your new brand will matter more, last longer and make more profit–for you. More here.


Starting or leading a brand is hard. We get it. Because we’ve done it.

This personal insight, layered with years of advising other brands means we’re navigating familiar territory. We avoid the pitfalls and garner the windfalls.

“We lift your claims beyond the sameness of others and make them believable, persuasive and urgent.”
Michael Owen, Co-founder.


We’re someone to think with (we love ideas), and someone to ‘do’ with. Big-picture strategic insight as well as end-to-end tactical support.

ANGELFYSH is a complete solution, delivering end-to-end brand, marketing and design.

Together, we can reanimate your existing brand or create a new one intent on eclipsing all others.

“A proven brand leader prepares better – then moves faster. Talks straighter. Thinks further. Makes bolder moves born from brighter and braver ideas. They are constantly drawing from personal, real-world experience. They build brands with purpose that matter more and last longer.”
Michael Owen, Co-founder.


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