What are the best times to post to Social Media in 2015?

17 Apr 2015

Fitting social media marketing into your busy schedule is hard… so making sure that Every Single Update you put out there socially gets the best possible exposure.

Best time to post on Social Media

This infographic further down created by Quicksprout shows the best days and times to post across 6 different social networks in 2015.

Here’s a summary of what’s in the infographic.

Best times to post on Facebook

86% of posts are published during the working week and engagement tends to peak on a Thursday and Friday. With regards to the best times of the day to post this can vary hugely depending on your audience and the market you’re in. The infographic suggests anytime between 9am and 7pm works best with 1pm getting the most shares and 3pm the most clicks.

However, the Facebook audience of some angelfysh clients are most active between 7pm and 10pm according to their individual Facebook insights. So it really does depend on your own market.

Best times to tweet on Twitter

The best days to tweet for B2B (business to business) companies is of course Monday to Friday which sees 14% more engagement than at the weekend. The best days for B2C (business to consumer) markets is Wednesday to Sunday. Engagement for B2C brands is 17% higher at the weekend.

The best times of the day to tweet are 5pm for the most retweets with 12pm and 6pm achieving the highest clicks.

Best times to update on LinkedIn

LinkedIn consists primarily of a B2B audience (business to business) therefore the highest engagement rates are during weekdays on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The best times to post updates are between 7am and 8am – 10am and 11am – 5pm and 6pm.

Best times to pin to Pinterest

As you’d expect the best times to pin images on Pinterest are weekends in-particular Saturdays between 8pm and 11pm… peaking at 9pm.

Saying this, the peak time to post on Pinterest for fashion brands and retail is Fridays at 3pm when most people start to wind down for the weekend.

Best times to post to Instagram

Instagram engagement stays pretty consistent during the week with slight spikes on Mondays and a slight dip on Sundays.

Best times to update Google+

Finally we have Google+ with the best days to post being week days, Monday to Friday. According to Buffer (one of the many social media sharing tools out there), late morning during weekdays are best to share content on Google+.

And here’s the infographic…

Infographic showing the best times to post to social media

Thank you for reading.