• 83 percent of UK businesses...
  • I want to be BIGGER...
  • Reach and exceed 500,000 turnover...
  • I want to be BIGGER...
  • Want to grow?
  • I want to be BIGGER...


angelfysh has been helping ambitious businesses in the North of England to grow since 2006. We apply our experience of working with global brands, to much littler ones, in 5 key ways.

The UK’s 83

In late 2016 our friends at ONS tell us that 83% of all UK businesses turnover under £500k. That’s our market. We help them to stride past this milestone. Here’s how…

We get all 5, all right, all together.

1. Setting the right Goals.
2. Building the best Brand to achieve the goals you’ve set.
3. Developing the best Marketing Strategy for your unique brand.
4. Adopting the best Marketing Tactics for your unique strategy.
5. Developing the best Design and Creative approach for your Marketing Tactics.

Strength throughout

There are no weak links. We only do what we’re great at.

Awards and Credentials

Our team has won over 80 global awards since 1992 for business, branding, design, marketing, digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, website building, advertising and social media.


We’ve helped BALTIC, Sage Software, Sage Gateshead, Virgin Money, Gateshead College, Edinburgh College, Tyne Tees Models, The Calvert Trust, The Customs House, Newcastle Business School, Always Wear Red (AWR and REDFRED), Saddle Skedaddle, Age UK and Activities Abroad as well as literally hundreds of other smaller and growing businesses and organisations.

Welcome to angelfysh

You are very welcome to call Lisa or Rebecca on 07720 748 785, 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday or please email lisa@angelfysh.com with your number and we will call you back.

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